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Magazine Rewards has partnered with the country's most popular magazine publishers to create a subscription process that is easy and hassle free.

So, what's different?

Overwhelming Value

We created a portfolio of trial subscription offers with such overwhelming and obvious value, that they are hard for consumers to refuse. (e.g. free trials, 1-year FREE subscriptions, gift cards, lifetime price-locks etc.)

Generous Refund Policy

Magazine Rewards customers can receive a refund of their un-mailed issues. We want you to be so satisfied with your experience that you'll come back to us again for your future magazine subscriptions.

Hassle Free Experience

We offer easy access to our customer care line for inquiries, changes and/or cancellations. In addition, we created a painless, auto-renewal billing process that eliminates renewal notices and interrupted service.

Single Source Service

We made managing magazine subscriptions easier for consumers by serving as a one-stop source for all their subscriptions across several publishers. We manage the customer’s entire experience for the lifetime of their subscription including billing.