How does Magazine Rewards work?

  • You must enroll in Magazine Rewards through one of our preferred marketing partners.
  • You will receive a FREE trial subscription to up to a limit of three of your favorite magazines and will qualify for an additional "Reward" (gift card, rebate, download, etc.).
  • You will receive an order notification in the mail with our toll-free number, a reminder of the program terms and conditions and instructions on how to redeem your Rewards.
  • You can also simply cancel your account before your free trial ends (within 60-days of your order date) and you won't be charged.
  • If you enjoy your selections, they will automatically continue, unless you call to cancel within your free period, at the rates described when you accepted the offer for a maximum of four-terms.

When will my first issues arrive?

Your first issue will arrive in 4-8 weeks, though it could be sooner depending on your selections.

Can I cancel and get my money back?

If you call to cancel within 60-days from when you accepted the order, you won't be charged a penny. If you cancel after 60-days, you will receive a full refund for all of your unserved issues and the magazines you received are yours to keep.

Is it easy to cancel?

We make it easy to cancel because we want customers to trust us when they think of subscribing to their next magazines. In fact we offer three options for cancelling. You can simply call the toll-free customer care line and you can cancel, no questions asked. Or if you prefer, you can also cancel by email (, or by mail.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Magazine publishers are always looking for ways to reach new readers. The problem is, many consumers have had bad experiences trying magazines in the past and are hesitant to even try a new magazine they might really enjoy and benefit from. So Magazine Rewards set out to change that. We partnered with the country's most popular magazine publishers to create a subscription process that's easy and hassle free. We also give customers a "Reward" for trying Magazine Rewards so the overall value of trying the magazines is hard to refuse. We hope some of our customers enjoy the magazines so much that they want to keep their magazine(s) with Magazine Rewards, but they are under no obligation to do so.

Can I send one to someone as a gift?

You sure can. Just pick your three magazines and call our 800# to arrange to have the magazines sent to the right address or addresses. These magazines will continue to be billed to your account.

Can you explain a charge on my statement?

You probably enrolled in Magazine Rewards when ordering a product from an infomercial by phone. If this is the case, during the call you approved the terms and conditions of the trial offer in which you had 60 days to review your magazines. Unless you called to cancel within that period, you authorized Magazine Rewards to charge the credit or debit card you used for the earlier purchase for the rates described on the phone. You were sent an order notification a week or so later that reiterated those terms. If your account was charged, that means your free trial period has expired.

What if I forget to cancel?

If you wished to simply receive the FREE trial with Magazine Rewards but forget to cancel and end up getting charged for your subscriptions, you can always call the customer care line and cancel your magazines and you will receive a full refund of all of your unserved issues.

Can I keep just one or two of my selections?

You have no obligation to keep all of your subscriptions and can cancel all of them or just 1 or two. However, if you call the customer care line, ask about other available titles because with Magazine Rewards, you can also change your subscriptions.

Why can't I order directly from this site?

Our promotional offers are exclusive and only offered to customers as reward for their business when they place an order with one of our marketing partners. If you would like to change your selections you can contact Magazine Rewards customer care for assistance.

Can I update my personal information?

Yes. If you want to change the personal information we have on file for you (i.e. mailing address, credit/debit card number, etc.), simply call the customer care line and one of representatives will be glad to assist you.